VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A bit of drama at the Kitsilano Coast Guard station.

Canada’s Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire made a visit to the Kitsilano station, speaking with employees, however he refused to speak with media.

Money is the reason given for the planned closure of the station. Gregoire, surrounded by his entourage,  refused to acknowledge the fact that people are worried, concerned and would like answers into the closure. Instead, he brushed past the media, and his entourage swept him away into a waiting car.

Shop Steward Gerry Moores with the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees was at the meeting. He says he didn’t get much of a sense that the Commissioner would change his mind on the closure.

“We spoke about the nature, breadth, profundity of the support in the community and the marine world locally. I’m hoping that will go forth and be part of the mix of whatever reconsideration will be given.”

He says at this point, people are very concerned if they will have a job.

Yesterday, Premier Christy Clark says she hopes to write a letter to the Harper government explaining to them the reasons why the Kitsilano Coast Guard station shouldn’t be closed.

The move comes as the NDP calls for “united action” against the closure.

Kitsilano Coast Guard in action

News1130 got a first-hand look at the Coast Guard in action at Kits beach today and the response time really is incredible.

Two men tumbled down the stairs of the tower, bolted into rescue gear, threw supplies onto their speedboat and rushed off to the Lions Gate bridge. Total time was well under a minute.

The rescuers were called because two people were spotted in the water near the Lion’s Gate Bridge. It turned out to be a Greenpeace protest in which a large banner tied up rush hour traffic. The coast guard rushed to the scene just incase the people ran into trouble on the water.

There are concerns rescue crews won’t be able to respond as quickly when the station operates from Vancouver Island.