OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – UPDATE: Tuesday evening, Ottawa Police have confirmed a second package with human remains inside has been discovered in addition to the disturbing delivery earlier, but they are not saying much more.

Police in Montreal and Ottawa are trying to determine if there is any connection between some shocking discoveries.

A foot was found in a package delivered to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa earlier today.
The coroner has confirmed it is a human foot delivered in a package by Canada Post to the top floor of 130 Albert Street, about three blocks from Parliament Hill.

The package was addressed to the Conservative Party, rather than a specific individual. It was received at the front desk, and was partially opened by a female secretary.

The woman noticed blood on the inside of the package and then called police, who notified HAZMAT.

The remains were scanned and were confirmed to be human remains.

Investigators are also looking into the discovery of a human torso in a suitcase in Montreal.

That body part was found by a concierge who was trying to determine the source of a bad smell.