WASHINGTON STATE (NEWS1130) – It could soon cost you more to bring back a bottle of booze from south of the border.

Liquor privatization will be phased into Washington State on June 1. The Washington State Liquor Control Board says its state price mark-up has been replaced by a distribution and retail price increase.

The board’s Brian Smith says other new fees could also be added.

“Depends on your buying power. That’s one of the things the initiative does and so, if you’re one of the strongest retailers out there and you can get volume discounts, you’re likely to see smaller increase,” notes Smith.

Under the state-run system, a bottle of liquor was the same price for everyone, regardless of location. But under the new rules, some customers could be charged more if it takes longer to deliver the product.

The mark-up could be anywhere from a five to 30 per cent increase.

“Say you pay $15.95. It depends on where you shop, you might be paying $20 or more,” Smith adds.

The privatization means Walmart and Costco will also be stocking hard liquor.