LONDON, ENGLAND (NEWS1130) – This weekend, you may be one of the millions of people around the world tuning in to watch the Queen celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

Tomorrow, the Queen and many other members of the Royal Family will be attending the Epsom Derby, a famous horse race.

Sunday is going to be quite the spectacle for people overseas and those watching on TV here. About 1,000 boats will take part in the Pageant on the River Thames. The queen will be sitting up on a barge, which will very well-decorated, partially in gold.

Alison Eastwood with Hello! Canada magazine doesn’t think the the popularity of the monarchy will ever die because it appeals to people of all ages.

“What people like about the monarchy is not just the pomp and pageantry and the sort of fairytale aspect, but it also gives us a very deep sense of our history,” she explains.

Eastwood notes there are many Canadians heading across the Atlantic to take part in the celebrations.

“I have friends and colleagues who are going. The Canadian Tenors have actually been front and centre of some of the celebrations. They were at Windsor Castle at a concert for the Queen. They even had tea with the Queen,” she tells us.

The queen’s party will continue into Monday and Tuesday.