VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -Take a look around at all those smiling, well-groomed men – there’s a reason the barbershop has returned in a big way.

Judah Down with JD’s Barbershop in the Vancouver Club, does it right. A scotch, a haircut, then a hot shave.

Barbershops have seen a big resurgence in recent years. Down attributes some of it to the Mad Men craze.

“It reminds us a lot of our grampas,” Down explains. “Watching our grampas shave in the bathroom with a straight razor blade.”

He says it’s an art form, that requires skill and some a steady hands.

“The manliness of going back to the barbershop, once you get hooked on your favourite barber, it’s comfortable.”  

Down says men also see the barber as a refuge.

“It’s a comfort zone for men to talk about whatever they want to talk about, there’s no judgement,” he says.