VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Raging Grannies and David Suzuki were just some of the thousand people who posed for a giant photo at Kits Beach Sunday afternoon.

The photo op was designed to tell the premier they’re against oil tanker traffic along our coast.

While the cameraman teetered on a tall ladder, the protesters sang “We Shall Overcome” and hoisted signs reading “Our Coast at Risk” and “Water and Oil Don’t Mix.”

Opposition to oil tankers may have been the theme, but many of the people who lent their faces to the cause are worried about the oil industry and climate change in general.

“I am opposed to having our beautiful province destroyed by oil and gas interests,” said one man.

“The provincial government is of two minds. They tax carbon burnt in the province, yet they export it everywhere else.  It doesn’t make any sense,” said another.

“The world has to stop the production of  fossil fuels and phase out the consumption of fossil fuels,” mused a third.

“There are a lot of horrible things being done to our shorelines and we need to stop it,” stated a 14-year-old.

“This is the most important issue of our time,” said a father with his daughter at his side.

The picture will be published in full-page newspaper ads. The people behind the effort say they’ve raised $8,000 towards the cost of buying the ads. They stress that money has been raised through bake sales and dance parties, to demonstrate that the money didn’t come from big environmental groups.