VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – For the second summer in a row, homeowners in Metro Vancouver won’t be able to water their lawns in the evening.

Lawn-watering restrictions are now in effect.

“Everyone thinks we have an abundance supply of water, when we don’t,” says Darrell Mussatto, Metro’s utilities committee chair. “We can run out of water with a long, dry, hot period.”

He says people with lawns shouldn’t be worried about sprinkling being restricted from 4 to 9 in the morning, and only every second day.

“Even if you don’t water your lawn, the grass doesn’t die,” Mussatto explains. “It goes into dormancy so if it turns brown and discolours, that’s okay. It’s still healthy underneath.”

Mussatto, who is also the mayor of North Vancouver, stresses that even grassy areas in his city are left to turn brown.

He says reaction last year to the new policy was well-received  and that people are waking up to the fact that they have to make changes.