VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Transit supervisors have an idea to help fight fare evasion that shouldn’t cost TransLink or Coast Mountain Bus Company much, if anything at all. They both want the ability to hand out fines.

Right now, the responsibility of writing tickets lies with Transit Police, even though transit supervisors are usually lurking around stations and bus stops.

Cupe Local 4500 President Rob Woods says his members are out 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and those extra eyes could mean a lot more revenue from fare evasion fines.

“We’re not asking for additional people,” he says. “We think it’s a reasonable proposal. It’s a no cost item. It just makes sense to us to try and do what we can continuing to fight fare evasion.”

“It’s not the all-solution,” Woods adds. “But it is a way to get back some of that missing revenue.”

This idea comes about a month after we learned TransLink will finally be able to enforce those fines.

The transit system lost more than $7-million last year to fare evasion.