TOFINO (NEWS1130) – The mayor of Tofino is confident there will be a complete plan in place should very large pieces of Japanese tsunami debris wash up on our west coast.

Perry Shmunk isn’t too worried over news a dock has washed ashore on a beach in Oregon after floating 8,000 km across the ocean.

Schmunk says dealing with the debris is a bit of a work in progress. “I don’t think anyone has dealt with this type of problem before and it does cross many different jurisdictions.”

“But the thing that I do say with confidence and comfort is that the lines of communication are in place to deal with it,” he adds.

Schmunk is working with the regional district, BC environment ministry and federal government

He says getting rid of the debris coming ashore could be costlier than what his community can handle, so he is looking to Victoria and Ottawa to help pay the bill.

If you spot debris and if you don’t know what it is, you’re advised not to touch it.