VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Plans to get rid of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts have been presented to the public at open houses this week, and seem to be getting some positive reviews.

City planners say fewer cars are using the viaducts, and traffic could be accommodated on roads that aren’t elevated.

Those who like the idea say it will open up valuable space.

“This plan takes this blighted area of the city and turns it into an attractive area,” says Ken Ohrn, a cyclist.

“The land around the viaduct is prime land, and we need to connect the east side to that land and it’s just sitting there, it’s useless,” says Slavica Stevanovic, one of about 600 people who showed up to Saturday’s open house at the downtown library.

Others predict traffic bottlenecks.

“I think they should leave well enough alone,” says Len Kydd. “This is kind of another big development being pushed on the city by the land owners.”

Council will consider the future of the viaducts in July.