MAPLE RIDGE (NEWS1130) – What does it take to be a hero, in a moment where you might feel paralysed with fear?

Susanne Murphy was out for a walk with her dog in Maple Ridge when she spotted what appeared to be a Green Ford Aerostar. It was the same van police believed murder suspect Angus David Mitchell was holed up in – a description she heard that morning on News1130.

“I looked down at the licence plate number and put two and two together,” explains Murphy.

She was reaching for her cell phone, trying not to make a sound or be seen. She just wanted to get somewhere safe to call 911.

“I was nervous because I didn’t know if he was in the van and I didn’t know if he was in the area, or if he was watching me looking at the van.”

Murphy walked to a nearby dyke where she was told by an operator to stay put and not let others at the park get too close.

“I was kept on the line for about an hour before myself and another gentleman were allowed to leave safely.”

Police swept in, a shootout ensued, and Mitchell was rushed by air ambulance to Royal Columbian Hospital where he died.

Murphy can’t believe she had a role to play in this.

“I’ve never seen myself in this kind of a situation, ever,” she laughs.

But she’s glad she was there.

“It actually makes me feel really good about myself, that I did the right thing and I helped stop somebody else from getting hurt.”

Police later revealed Mitchell had more targets on a hit list.