VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new deal between doctors and the province won’t do anything to help patients, says anesthesiologists who threatened to partially withdraw services earlier this year.

Roland Orfaly, executive director of the BC Anesthesiologist Society says the tentative agreement between the government and the BC Medical Association is ultimately harming patients.

“The reason the BC Medical Association has the power they do is simply because the government gives it to them for political purposes,” he explains. “Those purposes are to prevent the public from actually knowing what’s happening in health care.”

Orfaly says the number of people waiting for surgery has doubled to 73,000 in ten years and the deal reached means patients will continue to face lengthy waits.

“The contract is a carbon copy of the last two agreements that the government signs with the BCMA, which have failed,” he laments.

He says all the contract does is extend doctors last two agreements, with small raises.