VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you have what it takes to be TransLink’s next busking superstar?

Eleven of 42 spots are up for grabs at SkyTrain stations across Lower Mainland.

TransLink’s Drew Snider says judges are looking for people who can entertain for a short period of time.

“You’ve only got about 30 to 90 seconds as people go charging through SkyTrain stations en route to their train or wherever they’re off to, and so we’re looking for people who can make that experience just a wee bit nicer,” he explains.

Snider adds the performers they already have in their system share one thing.

“Because we’ve got something that makes people want to drop a five-spot in their guitar case or a couple of bucks here and there. So you might get a guitarist or violinist or somebody playing a ukulele and a kazoo, which sounds a bit hooky, but on the other hand if it’s done right, it’s entertaining.”

The program has been in place for 26 years. Performers chosen have to pay a $75 fee that goes towards SOCAN.

The deadline to join the entertainment program is Tuesday.