VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The NHL has a new Stanley Cup champ and it’s not your Vancouver Canucks.

The LA Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils last night to take their first league title. But the Canucks-haters crawled out of the woodwork to use that victory to mock our team.

Devils forward and former Canuck Steve Bernier took a boarding penalty in the first period which prompted a power play leading to three goals by the Kings. Some took to Twitter to say Bernier learned all his dirty tricks while in a Vancouver uniform, and that lead to an all out Lotusland lambasting!

“BREAKING NEWS: Vancouver breaks out in another riot after the Canucks failed to win the Stanley Cup yet again,” reads one Tweet.

“Gotta give it to the New Jersey for not being babies and causing a riot like those lame Canucks,” reads another.

It seems a lot of fans just can’t let go of June 15th, 2011.

“I think it’s going to take a while for people to shake those images from the riot,” believes Sportsnet columnist Stephen Brunt. “I think a lot of us sat from a distance watching that on television appalled and a little bit broken hearted when we saw it.”

He adds a lot of the good feelings from the Olympics melted away that night.

“The contrast between that and those ugly street scenes after the Stanley Cup, the destruction, and the kind of stupidity of it, I think it kind of erased a lot of good memories for people and created some images that are going to be hard to shake.”

Bernier wasn’t the only former Canuck to see action in the big game. Former Vancouver defenceman and BC-native Willie Mitchell is part of that championship Kings squad.