VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Are you sick of the wet, cool weather?

Many of you have the June-u-ary blues and are trying to fight it by planning a trip somewhere hot.

Flying down to Mexico and the Caribbean is not really something you normally do in June, but Allison Wallace with Flight Centre says more people are hoping to do just that.
“Whenever we see a long stretch of poor weather or a lot of rain, people definitely feel the need to get some sun,” she explains. “Our inquiry has been going through the roof as of late. We have been seeing a lot more people looking to go somewhere sunny and warm.”

Usually those inquiries taper off after spring break.
“But because we haven’t gotten that warm stretch of weather, we’re seeing a lot more interest for May and June to go down to Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean, anywhere where there is warmth and sun,” notes Wallace

If the feeling of summer doesn’t come soon, she adds those inquiries will turn into bookings.

Travel numbers in March and April have been a lot higher this year compared to last.