EDMONTON – The man wanted in a deadly armoured car heist at the University of Alberta has been arrested at the Aldergrove border crossing.

Mike Milne of US Customs and Border Protection says agents at the border had received the bulletin and description of Travis Baumgartner, then spotted his pickup at the border just after 3 p.m. Saturday.

“The officers extracted Mr. Travis Baumgartner from the vehicle, placed him into handcuffs, moved him into the port of entry, and further identified him in the Edmonton robbery and slayings,” he explains.

He says Baumgartner did not put up a fight, and even though he was considered armed and dangerous, the border was not shut down as police made the arrest.

Milne credits great communication between the two countries for the swift action.

“We are very adept at sharing information, giving each other the opportunity to help each other to apprehend wanted fugitives to secure not only our border but our communities as well.”

Baumgartner had been on the run since Friday when four G4S guards were gunned down, three of them fatally.

Police have said Baumgartner was the fifth member of a crew re-loading bank machines at a university mall and residence where the shooting happened.

The 21-year-old is facing three counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Family and friends of the three victims are still in shock following the tragic attack.

Newlywed Michelle Shegelski lived in Edmonton with her husband Victor, a former Canadian Forces soldier.

Her family tells an Alberta newspaper she was a loving person with a soft spot for her dogs, and they’re devastated for her husband, who had found his soul mate.

Shegelski would have turned 27 next month.

Eddie Rejano, 39, is being remembered by friends for his sense of humour and devotion to his wife and two young sons.

Brian Ilesic, 35, is being described by his family as a father with many hopes and dreams who left them far too soon.