VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Are you one of those employees that stays late after work or answers emails at home?

If you are, you may have fallen victim to office martyrdom.

In today’s post-recession economy, employees are often asked to do more with less. This can lead to working 20 hour work days, and employees going the extra mile to show their value.

Koula Vasilopoulous with Robert Half International says it’s pretty basic to avoid this — don’t overextend yourself and be up front with your boss.

She says it’s always good to have healthy competition between colleagues, but be careful.

“If you’re sort of that martyr that thinks I have to do it all because nobody else will do it as well as me, then you are setting yourself up for definite failure,” believes Vasilopoulous.

“If there is an office martyr, don’t worry too much about the actions of your co-workers,” she adds. “Focus on doing the best possible work and maintaining your own personal integrity.”

Vasilopoulous says the key is figuring out your work/life balance, because if you don’t, you’ll likely burn out.