TELEGRAPH COVE (NEWS1130) – The journey for the Humpback whale that washed up on a White Rock Beach this week is just beginning.

The Humpback’s body is in the process of being towed up to north Vancouver Island to Telegraph Cove.

Captain Jim Borrowman is with the Whale Interpretive Centre and says once the carcass arrives, Mother Nature will take over.

“We have to clean all the bones. We sink them under water for a period of time, probably at least a year. Then they are brought back up, and we clean them up. Eventually we see if we can have the whale re-articulated in the right order and everything. There’s quite a science to do that too,” explains Borrowman.

He says they have to sink the bones deep enough so that people can’t find them.

“One of the biggest problems is everybody wants to have a whale bone on their mantle at home, so we have to hide them,” stresses Borrowman. “We sink them under water in different places and monitor them on a regular basis to make sure they’re Okay.”

He adds a team of marine scientists from UBC also want to perform a necropsy on the mammal to gather as much information as they can before they sink it.

The eventual plan is for the re-assembled skeleton to be displayed in the non-profit museum.