SURREY (NEWS1130) – After months of warnings and campaigns, TransLink is getting tough with people illegally parking at the South Surrey Park-and-Ride lot.   

“When you’ve got cars parked the way they are, the buses have a difficult time maneuvering around them, so that’s a difficulty right there,” explains Drew Snider with TransLink.

He says it’s great that people are using the lot, but around 30 to 40 vehicles are illegally parked each day.

“What’s happens is the Park-and-Ride has filled up, we’re not able to expand any further than its already expanded to, and people have been parking illegally — parking on the road, parking on the yellow curb spaces.”

Snider adds people have been returning to their cars to find them blocked in.

“As of Monday the 25th, we will start towing. So people who are not parked in an actual slot where it says that you are allowed to park there, they will have their cars towed.”

TransLink has repainted lines and added 60 more spaces for a total of 481 spaces, but that’s all they can add.

Snider suggests carpooling as an option, as shared rides can be arranged online.