VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you’re a small business owner, you understand tiny margins and shoe string budgets.   

A new local law firm is trying to make legal services easier to understand for mom and pop stores.

Dana Gordon at Benchmark Law Corporation caters exclusively to the little guy – companies with fewer than ten employees.

She says unfortunately people usually come to her far too late after disputes with a business partner.

“A lot of business owners go into it without anything in writing, any agreements between the parties and I see a lot of disputes,” she says.

She knows many small businesses choose instead to tackle the legal stuff themselves or avoid it altogether.  

“A lot of the small business owners can’t afford to go to the downtown firms, or they feel intimidated as well,” she explains.

So she started a virtual office with a low overhead – a commercial law with a boutique feel.

“I’ll provide a service for someone, quote them a rate, and that’s their fee,” she explains. “So we can go back and forth and they don’t have to worry about the billable hours and in the end, I get so many thank you’s.”

Gordon adds that a lot of people starting out needed help with their incorporating.

“I do a lot of template service contracts that people can provide to their clients, or a template employment contract they can use for their employees, to help them get off the ground and get their business rolling,” she says.
Gordon doesn’t regret her decision to go at it alone with no guaranteed paycheck.

“It just makes me feel so much better knowing that I’m helping someone that typically wouldn’t go out and get that help,” she says.