EDMONTON (NEWS1130) – Edmonton police say they still haven’t found the gun and body armour they say belongs to the suspect in a deadly armoured car robbery.

Supt. Bob Hassel says there is a team of five Edmonton detectives and three crime scene technicians in BC scouring the truck Travis Baumgartner was in when he was arrested at the Aldergrove Crossing yesterday.

American customs officers spotted Baumgartner’s pickup at the border just after 3 p.m. He did not put up a fight, and even though he was considered armed and dangerous, the border was not shut down as police made the arrest.

Border agents say he had more than $330,000 stuffed in a backpack.

The 21-year-old is being held at the RCMP detachment in Langley and is expected to be transferred back to Edmonton some time in the next week.

Baumgartner was a security guard with the company 4GS and was wanted in connection with the shooting of four of his colleagues during an armoured car heist early Friday at the University of Alberta.

Three of the guards died in the shooting, while a fourth remains in hospital in critical condition.

Security upgrades help with the capture of murder suspect

Border security upgrades are getting some of the credit for the capture of Baumgartner.

SFU International Security Expert Andre Gerolymatos says the arrest shows effective co-operation with the US.

“Security at the border is done by both countries concurrently. The measures that we use are the same measures that they use,” notes Gerolymatos. “Five to 10 years ago, it would have been less likely that he would have been picked up at the border.”

He says while some may argue against sharing security information with our American neighbours, in this case, it paid off.  

“It shows that the system we have in place is working and it will certainly raise people’s confidence in their security because criminals and other bad characters are going to know that you cannot escape going south or going north.”