VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A popular stroller is being recalled after reports of finger amputations.

So far, three children have lost their fingertips while using the stroller made by Kolcraft.

In the past six years, 36,000 defective strollers were sold in Canada and the US. A child or adult’s finger can get caught in the opening that is formed when locking and unlocking the hinge mechanism, which is used to adjust the handlebars on the strollers.

If you have one, you should stop using it right away.

Strollers included in the recall have model numbers starting with ZL002, ZL005, ZL008, ZL015 and ZL018. On the ZL002 model, the model number and date of manufacture is printed on a sticker above the left wheel. On the ZL005, ZL008, ZL015 and ZL018 models, the model number and date of manufacture is printed on a label sewn into the edge of back of the stroller seat pad. The strollers were manufactured from January 2006 through November 2009 and sold in various colour schemes.

For more information, contact Kolcraft at 1-800-453-7673 or visit the company’s website.

The recalled strollers were sold from January 2006 to June 2012 and were manufactured in China.