ATHENS (NEWS1130) -Voters in Greece have spoken, and the answer should bring relief to world markets.

Official projections show the pro-bailout New Democracy party winning the most votes, and it could have enough support to form a coalition to keep Greece in the eurozone.

Some voters say the understand the austerity measures, but one women voter heard through a translator tells the BBC, enough is enough.

“There is misery everywhere, people are not getting paid, there are people not getting anything to eat, Greek people have reached their limit needs to be change,” she says.

A radical-left party that has vowed to pull out of Greece’s international bailout commitments has now conceded defeat.
Meanwhile, the White House is congratulating the Greek people for holding that country’s election in difficult times.

The statement from the press secretary called on Greece to quickly form a new government that can make “timely progress” on the economic challenges facing the Greek people.

The White House called on Greece to remain in “the euro area while respecting a commitment to reform” and promised to engage the country in the spirit of partnership “that has long guided the alliance between U.S. and Greece.”