VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Metro Vancouver is weeks away from selecting its new chief administrative officer.

Johnny Carline, who’d been in that position for 15 years, retired earlier this year.

Metro’s board chair Greg Moore says the shortlist has been whittled down to four. “We were very pleased with the interest we received from around the world. Not just in Canada and North America but over in the UK and other places. So we did get a lot of interest, which I think says a lot about who we are as an organization and also a lot about the region of Metro Vancouver.”

He admits it’s a unique position.  “I think what we’re looking at is someone who can work in a regional landscape. We do have 24 local authorities that you need to bring together. Also, we have an aggressive agenda going forward, so we need to ensure that person has the strength to push that agenda.”

A decision should be made by the end of June.