NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Another reminder that despite the calendar, it’s still winter conditions up in the mountains.

North Shore Rescue was called in by North Vancouver RCMP after a trail runner got stuck on Mount Fromme.

“The man was able to phone in and text that he was lost in fog on the south peak of Fromme,” explains North Shore Rescue’s Tim Jones. “We were able to text him back and tell him to stay put, which he did. He was a very calm person, however he wasn’t equipped to stay overnight.”

Jones says that if you’re planning on using the higher mountain trails, it’s still winter operations for North Shore Rescue.

“If you are trail running or you’re doing other activities in the upper alpine areas, there’s still a ton of snow. There are deep snow fields where people can slip and fall and get seriously hurt, if not worse. People should really pay attention to the weather.”

Jones says it’s important tell someone where you are going if you are traveling up the mountain alone. However, he stresses you should go with a partner.

Jones adds we’re not out of the woods just yet, as the snow is going to be around for quite awhile in the upper alpine areas.