EDMONTON (NEWS1130) – It could be a couple of days before Travis Baumgartner is brought back to Edmonton where he is expected to be charged with three counts of first degree murder.

The man suspected of killing three armoured car guards and critically injuring another in a shooting spree at the University of Alberta on Friday remains in a Langley jail cell.

It took less than 48 hours for police to find Baumgartner after he was stopped at the Aldergrove border crossing on Saturday.

Edmonton Police Supt. Bob Hassel says officers have completed a thorough investigation of Baumgartner’s F-150 truck.

“As I mentioned on Friday and Saturday that we had accounted for most of Baumgartner’s equipment, but that we had not accounted for his body amour nor had we accounted for his gun. I can tell you we have still not located either of these.”

Hassel says Baumgartner is cooperating with police, adding they hope to have him back in Edmonton soon.

“He appeared before a justice in Langley. There’s a six day remand, so within six days we’ll have him back in Edmonton where he’ll appear before a provincial court judge.”

The investigation isn’t limited to BC. Police continue to scour the University of Alberta looking for more evidence related to the tragedy.