VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you often get frustrated waiting an unusually long time for a transit bus?

TransLink’s new live Next Bus SMS text service should help.

Since 2007, TransLink has had a system where people waiting for a bus can enter a bus stop number into their cell phones to see the estimated arrival time.

That arrival time should now be more accurate thanks to the new system, says TransLink’s Drew Snider.
“It takes into account the speed, the traffic conditions, the location of the bus according to the bus’s GPS unit, and uses that information to determine the various times when the bus will leave any given stop.”

And you don’t need to use an app.

“A lot of people have been asking for something that works for normal cell phones as opposed to the fancy mobile devices, and also you can get it in text format so that it doesn’t eat up your data plan,” Snider points out.

TransLink’s text service gets about 60,000 requests each day.