VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – More stories of heartbreak from disabled people who say senior staff at Community Living BC are getting pay raises while they struggle to get by day-to-day.

A rally was held on Friday by people who say they are not getting the support they need.

Cathy Grant has cerebral palsy, and her issue is with mobility.

“I’m supposed to get my wheelchair, but there are things on my wheelchair that I need for safety and they are not going to fund it. I was told I didn’t have to worry, but now I worry all the time.”

Kimberly Janko with CLBC Stop the Cuts is furious to hear of an extra $300,000 going to salaries, and she says that could help a lot of people like her 21-year-old son Daniel who deals with a neuromuscular disorder.

“[The Premier] certainly hasn’t put our families first. These families are suffering, some are breaking up, people are losing their homes and barely making it, they just don’t seem to care.”