MISSION (NEWS1130) – The Mission Chamber of Commerce is fed up and is asking the government to come up with a plan to keep the Fraser River at bay.
A main concern for the Chamber’s Elyssa Lockhart is the damaging effect it has on crops.  She says as much as $1 billion that helps feed the economy could be lost, unless the government steps up.
“The trouble we have with the river right now, as far as a comprehensive maintenance plan, is there are too many ministries and too many organizations involved with no effective authority.”
Every year, she adds, they increase both the strength and height of their dikes, but the water still gets through because many sections aren’t connected.
“It’s affecting the animals that live on the land, but we never know about the orphan dikes along the river, which are not provincially maintained, they’re maintained by private land owners.”
She says all they want is a plan to make sure they are not going to have a breach.