CLOVERDALE (NEWS1130) – When are school pranks totally unacceptable?

A lot of students at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in Cloverdale are asking that question, after learning about the punishment meted out to eight students who streaked through the school’s corridors last week.

The principal has not only suspended them, but has told them they cannot attend their grad ceremony.
The are boys pretty upset, as are some of the parents, who say the punishment is way too harsh and that it’s a prank that takes place every year.
Doug Strachan with the Surrey School District says it’s communicated to every student in the graduating class that pranks of any nature are not tolerated.
He says grad pranks are banned because they can be harmful to those who perform them, innocent bystanders and property.
But what is so harmful about streaking? He says it’s not totally without its risks.

“We have had people running through the halls as part of a grad prank in the past, and have knocked people down. And certainly having grade eight girls in the hallways during the streaking would be, I’m sure, not responded to very favourably by their parents.”

Strachan acknowledges not all pranks carry the same risk. “But the focus isn’t on saying some pranks are acceptable and some are not. The focus is on we don’t want to deal with pranks and the intended and the unintended consequences of them.”