VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It seems Vancouver’s “crown jewel” has become a target for a suspected firebug.

Crews were called to Stanley Park shortly before 10:30 last night. When they got to the area beside the stable that houses police horses, they discovered a massive fire.

Three parked Vancouver Park Board vehicles on Pipeline Road were lit up; one of which was completely destroyed. Luckily, the stables and animals were unharmed.

Investigators say this was the work of an arsonist. The damage is estimated at $70,000.

One Vancouverite is concerned someone could be targeting the park and has an idea as to who’s responsible.

“I would like to say young hooligans, but I guess coming through here, there are homeless people that sleep in Stanley Park. But it doesn’t really make sense why they would want to do something like that,” he tells us.

Last week, part of the miniature train station was also torched; police don’t know who’s responsible for either case.