VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The future of Vancouver’s Little Mountain social housing development is up for an important vote at City Hall today, when councillors are expected to pick one of three competing proposals.

Holborn Properties has plans for buildings of up to 14 storeys and about 1,800 units. City staff have proposed a 12-storey, 1,625-unit plan. A community advisory group wants nothing higher than 10 storeys and 1,400 units.

Allan Buium with Riley Park South Cambie Community Visions knows what he would like to see.

“You could have market condos, social subsidized housing, co-op housing, co-housing; a real mix. They could come up with some interesting experiments there, but that has never been discussed. But we’re going to propose it,” he explains.

Buium feels it’s important that the community’s wishes are reflected in the final decision.

“This is public land that is being sold. Many people, including our committee, feel that the public land should be kept in public hands and this would be an excellent opportunity for both the City and the provincial government through [BC] Housing to come up with some real innovative type of housing that could be placed there.”

This vote comes five years after BC Housing and the City of Vancouver signed an agreement to redevelop  the 15-acre site, with the understanding tenants of the original development would get first crack at the new units.