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On Thursday, March 15th, the BC government passed Bill 22. The Education Improvement Act came into effect March 17th, banning teachers from staging further strikes and sends the dispute to mediation.

The bill covers a period of six months.

BC teachers were on a full-scale strike on March 5, 6 and 7th, 2012, the only three-day work stoppage allowed by the Labour Relations Board. They were required to give two days’ notice before walking off the job. They did so on March 1, 2012.

A legal challenge to Bill 22 is in the works.

Dr. Charles Jago has been appointed by a government as a mediator in an effort to reach a collective bargaining agreement with teachers. The BCTF is challenging Jago’s appointment.

On April 20th, 2012, the BCTF announced 73 per cent of teachers voted in favour of a “resistance strategy” against Bill 22, which means the withdrawl of extra-curricular services.

Also on April 20th, 2012, the Labour Relations Board ordered BC teachers to write second-term report cards for students and get them out by the end of April. The BCTF has said it will comply with the order.

On May 9th, the BCPSEA filed an application to the Labour Relations Board to have teachers resume taking part in extra-curricular activities.

On June 26th, BC teachers reached a tentative deal with their employer

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