VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – We hope you enjoyed the 2011-2012 NHL season; as players and team owners begin talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, there’s a chance the coming one will not begin on time.

News1130 Sports Director Ann Schmaltz says the first day of talks will be nothing more than the two sides figuring out how far apart they are, with the real bargaining beginning in September when the new season will be just a month away.

She tells us players and owners need to comes to terms on some huge issues. “Right now, the players get 57 per cent of total league revenues. The owners want that number lowered.”

“Contract talks will be a hot topic. Don’t expect to see in the new CBA big-time deals like the ones Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Quick signed yesterday, or even the one Roberto Luongo inked a few years back,” adds Schmaltaz.

She doubts a deal will be reached before the Canucks season opener October 11th against the Flames in Calgary.

“The threat is always there of missing the start or part of the season; that’s what usually gets everything done. Everything tends to go to the deadline of what’s going to cost people the most. The owners, the players, and most of all, the fans, will just have to deal with that,” she notes.

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