VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Another pinch for drivers at the pump tomorrow. The province’s carbon tax is rising another penny, meaning 6.67 cents per litre goes to the tax.

Political analyst Sean Holman says it’s hard to tell what impact, if any, the tax has had on our environmental behaviour.

“There’s a lot of environmentalists that think the carbon tax should be higher if it’s going to influence the kind of behavioural change that we need to reduce gas emissions — encouraging people to use other forms of transportation,” notes Holman.

Earlier this year, the provincial government announced a review of the carbon tax and has since signaled its goal of creating jobs in the natural gas sector includes more relaxed environmental standards.

Holman believes the government needs to figure out what they want out of the tax.

“I think we really need to decide in the future what it is we want out of the tax, what direction we should head in. The NDP talks a lot about the fact that the carbon tax money should be re-invested back into things that will bring down greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says you will pay $1.8 billion in taxes at the pump this year, adding folks across the Lower Mainland pay a continent-high 49.1 cents per litre in gas tax.