VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Summer means gardening, but taking care of your lawn can eat up a lot of your money.

Lauren Mostowyk with Scotiabank’s EcoLiving has some tips for saving a lot of green and water – starting with a soaker hose.

“It’s a really cool hose that has tiny holes all along the length of the hose,” she explains. “Rather than pushing at the water on one end, so you really save some of the evaporation of water in the run-off as you use it, and then put a water timer with it. You’re never going to forget the water’s on, you’re never going to over use water.”

She adds that a good alternative to traditional grass is white clover, as it’s drought-resistant and doesn’t need to be mowed as often.

“If you think of a four-leaf clover, imagine that blanketing your lawn,” she says. “Soft and interesting-looking.”