LANGLEY (NEWS1130) – It’s a small forest in Langley that’s never been logged, but the township-owned property, that many figured was a park, may be sold and developed.

Albert Anderson’s Aldor Acres farm is near the 45-acre group of properties along 84th Avenue west of 260th Street.

“There are tall coniferous, fir, hemlock, big theatre trees that go straight up and form a canopy. There’s people for years that have walked through and made paths and it’s walking through a natural environment,” notes Anderson.

He says once the mayor and councillors came down to look at the forest themselves, Anderson thinks they may have realized they didn’t have all the information.

“We’ve been assured fairly recently that nothing’s final and nothing will be signed until they re-evaluate it.”

Bids for the 13 properties closed yesterday.

If the township doesn’t get its expected value, it doesn’t have to sell. However if it does sell, the money from the sale would be used to build a new rec complex in Aldergrove.