While it is probably not a surprise to many, well-known TV personality, host and reporter Anderson Cooper has officially come out as gay.

In a note to Andrew Sullivan, Cooper wrote that “the fact is, I’m gay.”

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He added that he had kept his sexual orientation private for personal and professional reasons, but wanted to counter any notion that he had remained silent because he was ashamed.

Cooper said that, in a perfect world, his sexual orientation would be nobody’s business or concern. He added that there is value, however, to be had from standing up and being counted.

Cooper mentioned that there are far too many incidences of young people being bullied over sexual orientation, as well as noted the discrimination and violence faced by people of all ages.

Cooper, the son of wealthy American designer Gloria Vanderbilt, finished by saying he couldn’t be happier or more comfortable with himself.

He is the latest star to announce his sexuality in a low-key manner, following the coming-out of Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto and the Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons.