VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Here in Vancouver we can only dream about warm and sunny weather. But the rest of the country is getting used to seasonal (or higher) temperatures. We’re learning to live vicariously through our Calgary and Toronto stations.

Toronto has been warm. That’s probably an understatement.

“Sunny and 29 degrees right now. You mention 14 degrees in Vancouver? Our low is higher than that,” says Kris McCusker with our sister station 680News in Toronto. “We do have some rain in the forecast but our highs are still in the 30s, I’m sorry to say.”

(Sure she is.)

Peter Klein with Calgary’s 660News says they’re not suffering in Cowtown either. “It’s been gorgeous. A lot of rain, but it doesn’t stick around too long.”

“[There's] a lot of people dressing in shorts,” Klein adds. “A lot of people want to head down to the rivers here, but the water is flowing a bit too fast, so they can’t really do that. A lot of people hitting the malls and getting ready for stampede.”

But just how much colder has it been out here? We crunched some of the numbers from Environment Canada. Vancouver has only hit the 20 degree mark five times in May and June.  Only three days did mercury peak higher in Vancouver than Toronto. The mean temperature fared slightly better – with it warmer four times in 60 days.