VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The plan to privatize liquor distribution in BC has taken another step forward. That could be bad news for you and your wallet.

The NDP claims prices will go up if the provincial government continues to push ahead with privatizing liquor distribution.

“Every indication from industry, who is almost unanimously opposed to this, is that they believe this will drive prices up,” says NDP MLA Shane Simpson who has been getting feedback from the industry as the critic for liquor policy.

One BC brewer who also ships his lagers and ales to Alberta, where the system is already private, has been speaking with Simpson.

“He pays 73 cents to move it wherever it goes in British Columbia,” explains Simpson. “He pays $1.53 to move that same case of beer when he delivers it to the warehouse in Calgary.”

There’s no timeline for when the Liberals will make a decision now that the bidding process has come to a close. The MLA for Vancouver-Hastings says the current system shouldn’t be changed.