VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for an accused Stanley Cup rioter.

American Jensen Peter White was a no-show his court appearance in May.

“The participation in a riot charge is a fairly serious and significant charge. So anytime there is a serious offence, Canada-wide warrants are often issued,” says Vancouver Police Cst. Brian Montague.

White is accused of helping to flip over a car on Georgia Street. He has been charged with participating in a riot, mischief, and failing to appear in court.

“Mr. White is from the Seattle-area and was attending university in Canada at the time of the riot. We’re encouraging him to do the right thing, contact investigators and make arrangements to turn himself in,” adds Montague.

Rioters smashed windows, looted stores, overturned cars and set fires last year after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final game to the Boston Bruins.

Charges have been approved against more than 120 people and police have said they expect to lay hundreds of charges against as many as 300 people involved in the riot.