VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Research from the Harvard Medical School has found one in 12 teens are affected by Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which is characterized by spontaneous violent outbursts.

But psychologist Dr. Derek Swain is afraid finding biological reasons for issues may lead to worse problems. “Particularly, medicating children is of concern because that means that they tend to not then have the opportunity to go through normal developmental experiences.”

“What’s particularly of concern is that much of the research behind issues on mental health is funded by the drug industry,” points out Swain.

He is concerned by the direction medicine is taking. “There is a decided trend to try to medicalize all kinds of personal experiences.”

Swain thinks helping teens deal with their emotions will be more effective than drugging them.

He doesn’t blame the disorder for violent teens in the Stanley Cup Riot. He says it wasn’t spontaneous at all; some people brought weapons while others joined in the perceived excitement of the event.