VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Most people look forward to summer getaways, but there are some who are filled with dread at the very thought of leaving their work with someone else.

However, experts at Canadian Business magazine say taking some time off can actually help you see what kind of stuff the people who report to you are really made of.

“The best managers have learned that taking time off is a great way of actually getting to know their team better because when you leave, you get a chance to see how people function without you. So, a great thing to do, as a manager, is to appoint a second in command,” explains Sarah Barmak with the magazine.

She also advises laying down some ground rules. Are you going to be checking your smartphone constantly while you’re on the beach or will you limit yourself to certain times of day?

“Maybe set a couple of hours a day when you tell your office ‘I’m going to be available, I’m going to be checking my email and you can contact me.’ Then the rest of the time, ‘Figure things out on your own, I’m on vacation,’” she suggests.

Barmak recommends you put a cap on your availability, as most experts agree if you don’t unplug, you increase your risk of burning out on your job.