NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Should a backyard pool database be required for all homes across the lower mainland?

This stems from an unfortunate tragedy in North Vancouver this April, when a toddler drowned in Deep Cove, in the pool of the family’s rental home. This pool had a fence around it, but there was no latch keeping the door locked.

The family of that boy has been calling for tougher safety measures and annual inspections.

Councillor Robin Hicks says the district has completed its pool inventory.

“We are now in the process of setting up a mode of communication with all those property owners, whether it will be a letter that is circulated, or probably we will set up an inspection over the course of the summer to verify all that information and make sure they comply with those safety precautions.”

There are hopes other cities will follow suit.

“Obviously it is an incident we don’t want reoccurring. Safety regulations are paramount and we are going to make sure that everyone that has a pool and uses it has necessary conditions that doesn’t allow people or youngsters to access that pool inadvertently.”