VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s associated with some pretty nasty side effects: red eyes, sore throat, and even skin irritation.

Now, a Vancouver Park Board commissioner wants to reduce the amount of chlorine used in the city’s public pools.

Trevor Loke‘s motion calls for a cap on chlorine use to 1.5 parts per million, a level which would still kill harmful microbes without hurting you. The water would be further treated with ultra-violet or ozone systems.

Under the BC Health Act, chlorine must be present in water at a minimum of 0.5 PPM.

Loke feels not only does adding the new systems in all public pools make health sense, it also makes financial sense. “Right now, we’re spending quite a bit on chlorine. So over the long-run, this alternative would save on our long-term operating costs with the up-front capital cost.”

Killarney and Hillcrest are two Vancouver pools that already use ozone-treated water.

The Park Board will vote on Loke’s motion on Monday, July 9th. You can register to speak on the motion by calling 604-257-8453.