VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – No matter how much money and technology we use to catch human smugglers, we cannot stop people from entering Canada illegally.

That’s the opinion of a local immigration expert, as Canada Border Services announces its latest case against a human smuggler resulted in a four year sentence.

Mikael Prone was arrested in Nov. 2011 at Vancouver International Airport after two passports were found in his carry-on, which investigators later traced to two Iranians who had used them to get on the same plane.

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland points out it’s unusual for smugglers to be arrested on Canadian soil.

“It’s the nature of that business. The smugglers tend to be overseas and rarely will entertain entry into Canada,” he notes.

But he admits it’s a challenge to go after big-time, off-shore smuggling organizers.  “Ideally, you go up the food chain, don’t go for the courier, you go for the nest,” he stresses.

Some 40,000 people enter Canada illegally every year. On average, there are four convictions a year under our human smuggling laws.

Despite those numbers, Kurland stresses Canada is doing better than most other countries in managing the problem.