VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Community Living BC is again under attack.  The organization, BC Community Living Action Group, is calling for a public inquiry into the beleaguered agency.  The group says CLBC has deep-rooted problems that have existed for more than two decades.
Anita Dadson with the group says these problems include the lack of service for children with developmental disabilities once they turn 19.  She adds there are other issues plaguing the agency, such as hefty pay hikes CLBC executives are receiving to make up for lost bonuses.

“It’s just something so many of us don’t understand.  We just feel this whole question of delivery of service deserves a whole new look.”

CLBC and the provincial government were heavily criticized for the pay hikes.  The provincial government was also criticized for not giving enough funding to the agency.  University of Victoria professor Michael Prince, one of the inquiry’s supporters, says his group’s call goes beyond those negative headlines

“What we’re seeing in the press is the tip of the iceberg,” he stresses. “A public inquiry may not expose the full iceberg but it will certainly cast more light, and give us a picture, on the full scale of the issues.”

Prince says he has spoken to Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux about calls for a public inquiry.  The provincial government recently said it’s looking into fixing problems with CLBC and that changes are on the way.