VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There is another reason to be careful about leaving your purse or wallet in your car this summer.

It seems the hot weather can actually melt your money.

Reports are that when the new polymer $50 and $100 bills are left in the sweltering heat of the car, they start to crinkle.

Brittney Halldorson is a credit union teller in Kelowna and has seen the problem first hand.

“We have seen it a few times now where there have been either three to four, or five to ten [bills] all melted together,” she exclaims.

They are supposed to withstand minus 61 degrees and boiling water.

“The new polymer bank notes have been thoroughly tested with Canadian weather conditions,” explains Isabelle Jacques with the Bank of Canada. “So that could mean with a cold winter or a hot summer so that they perform the way they are meant to perform.”

But that may not include the heat of a dashboard.

Your best bet is probably not to experiment with this.

The only way a person can be reimbursed is if they have the bill’s serial number.