VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Our Federal Opposition Leader is adding his voice to those already slamming the planned closure of a busy Coast Guard base. Thomas Mulcair is in town speaking out against Ottawa’s decision to close the Kitsilano base.

Tom Mulcair says in his 35 years in politics and public service, he’s never seen such a stubborn move.
“Where a government, pig-headedly, continues to believe that the smartest thing to do is to save $ 900,000 to remove a Coast Guard station that can save lives and that receives several hundred calls a year.”

He’s joined by MLA’s and other MP’s, including a conservative, urging the Tories to reverse the decision.

“We’re simply doing the obvious. We’re calling on the Harper Conservatives to reverse the decision and save the Kitsilano Coast Guard station.”
But Ottawa is holding strong, insisting Vancouver’s waters will be kept safe with the use of other nearby facilities.