VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Saanich Police are trying to track down a young man now charged after someone drove a motorbike almost 300km/hr down the Trans-Canada Highway near Victoria, and a video of the ride was posted online.
Sgt. Dean Jantzen says Randy George Scott has now been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after the video was posted on Youtube in April.

Police seized the Yamaha sport bike shortly after but they’re still trying to find Scott.

“At present we are seeking [Scott's] whereabouts,” Jantzen says.  “He’s a…Victoria-area resident, believed to be here somewhere, and thus far we’ve been unable to locate him.”

“Thankfully we have had witnesses that have come forward and provided intimate details that connect Mr. Scott to be the one riding at the time when this video was shot,” he adds.

Jantzen says Scott has quite the driving reputation with police but when the bike was first seized, Scott wasn’t the one charged.    

“We were left with little recourse other than to charge the registered owner, which I believe was his mother at the time,” he says.  “There were charges under the Motor Vehicle Act which were submitted…several traffic tickets and a significant amount of fines.”

Jantzen says it will be up to the Crown to decide whether those charges remain.